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Welcome to ICTR

Our CEO, Steve Coates, features in a new interactive tool developed by The Guardian to showcase how you and your company can contribute to a circular economy. Find out more here and look out for the “IT Eco System” on page two!

ICTR is the fastest growing technology asset recovery firm in the UK. We are the only ADISA accredited business to achieve the highest accreditation of a Distinction with Honours. Contact our team today for more information on how the UK’s most secure and professional IT lifecycle company can help you safely decommission your old IT assets and protect you from expensive fines and damage to your reputation.

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How long can our
natural resources last?

Human's insatiable thirst for ICT means that essential minerals have depleted & will run out in 10-15 years.

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Regenerate your equipment safely

We will safely regenerate your old IT assets by reusing and remarketing which reduces waste to landfill.

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Data security

Secure removal of confidential data protecting your business brand from disastrous data breaches.

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"ICTR has been a fantastic partner for our firm in delivering a much needed solution in the hardware recycling space - the service for which has been very strong."

- Simon Goodman, CIO Marshall Wace LLP

Our mission

To find the most responsible and safest way to dispose of IT assets for a circular e-conomy.

Where are we?

We are the only ADISA accredited ICT Refurbishment company with operations in central London.

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